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Stages and complications of dolichosigma.
Almost 30% of examined adult patients have dolichosigma, but most of them do not complain.
This is quite justified, because the remaining parts of the intestine function normally and, provided proper nutrition, the symptoms of the disease will not make themselves felt.
It is customary to distinguish the following stages of dolichosigma development.
Such patients only occasionally complain of pain in the abdominal area.
Periodic constipation lasting 2-3 days is noted.
There is also bloating and fecal retention along the large intestine.

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Fecal stones, constipation lasting from 5 days and pain, symptoms of intoxication are formed.
A patient who has such a disease must undergo a thorough examination, since in some cases an obstruction may form (a loop of intestine twists into a knot).
In this case, surgical treatment is used.
Since dolichosigma is not an inflammatory or allergic disease, the main symptoms are caused by a violation of the passage of feces.

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The following symptoms of dolichosigma should be highlighted.

This is associated not only with digestive disorders, but also with psychological problems of the patient. Stool retention may occur for 7 days or more. Intoxication. This is a whole symptom complex that is more often observed in children. We are talking about fever, weakness, etc. Pain. Most often it has a paroxysmal nature and is localized in the left iliac region.

The severity of the disease largely depends on the presence of concomitant pathology. So, in some cases there is a diverticulum or chronic colitis, which aggravates dolichosigmucolisitis in adult patients. The only and reliable way to make this diagnosis is to buy pain reliever pills instrumental examinations of the intestines. Additional data may provide objective evidence. pain on palpation in the left iliac region, the presence of a dense and elongated cord, bloating.

Treatment of dolichosigmoid intestines. 5 main methods. Despite the fact that dolichosigma has rather sparse symptoms, doctors recommend timely treatment. Today, doctors have 5 effective ways to get rid of this pathology. One of the predisposing factors to the development of constipation, and subsequently obstruction, is a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle. That is why experts recommend radically changing your usual lifestyle. In no case is heavy physical activity allowed, as well as sedentary work in adult patients.

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A rational and balanced diet is an important point in the treatment of almost all gastrointestinal diseases. First of all, foods rich in fiber are recommended, as well as reducing carbohydrate intake. Main dishes and products that the diet includes. It is also allowed to use vegetable oils that improve gastrointestinal motility. Our ancestors left a powerful legacy of effective recipes. Unfortunately, such treatment is not justified, and sometimes can even be harmful. In any case, treatment with folk remedies is allowed, but only as an additional line. Most often, patients share such folk remedies.

Take 10 g of sena, 100 g of prunes and prepare an infusion. Consume the resulting mixture 2-3 tablespoons throughout the day. Mix 200 g of hot honey and 100 g of aloe leaves. This solution can be consumed 1-2 teaspoons 30 minutes before meals. Prepare an infusion of 20 g of blackberry leaves, which are poured with 500 ml of water. Take 100 ml 15 minutes before meals. There are dozens of drugs that normalize the motor-evacuation function of the intestine, which are superior tofolk remedies. Treatment is carried out with such medications.

All these methods are aimed at eliminating constipation, that is, the drugs improve peristalsis and soften stool. It is very important to consult your doctor before use. In some cases, the intervention of highly qualified specialists may be required. The list of indications is strict. ranging from the ineffectiveness of conservative treatment to buy prescription online pain medication obstruction. It is recommended to perform an operation - resection of the dolichosigma with removal of the rectosigmoid region. The most popular are Duhamel and Soave operations.

Thus, diet and medications make it possible to forget about this disease for many years, and only in exceptional cases may radical therapy be required. Alcoholic anorexia. causes of formation and methods of treatment. The absence of bloody wars and the rapid increase in the efficiency of agriculture and long-term storage of food have created the prerequisites for meeting nutritional needs not only at a minimum level, but also in excess. However, the instincts inherent in a person make it difficult to control food consumption.

Having seized upon delicious food, a person receives a command from the brain to eat in abundance, because instinct cannot explain that there will always be enough food, that hunger will not occur. Because of this, modern inhabitants of our planet have begun to buy pain reliever online gain excess weight.

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What are the reasons for alcoholic anorexia? Those who like to save on health. The development of alcoholic anorexia due to saving money on food in favor of alcoholic beverages. Drankorexia is especially popular among students, where it is not always possible to eat, but money for drinks is available at any time. Alcoholic anorexia in this case is a forced measure, because if you had money you wouldn’t have to save on food.

With the second category of alcoholic anorexics, the situation is more sad. most often these are girls who strive to look as thin as popular fashion models. They naively believe that if alcoholic drinks (especially strong ones) have a lot of calories, they can replace bread or meat with them without gaining excess body weight.

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